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Fermentation Fest Mini Workshop #2

Sourdough & Mead

November 28, 6 – 8 pm at Southwest Grape & Grain

Join us for a hands-on workshop and learn how to work with sourdough starters and the ins-and-outs of mead.

Professional baker, Josh Kanter, will teach participants how to cultivate and maintain a thriving natural yeast while making making a sourdough pita to take home. You will leave the workshop with your own starter, recipes, and instructions.

Jonathan Ortiz will walk us through the process of making Mead. Mead is alcoholic liquor made by fermenting honey and water. Mead can vary in levels of alcohol by volume and levels of residual honey. Many variations of mead exist.  In this class we will talk about the history of mead, variations of mead, equipment needed, and the process of making mead.

Cost: $15 – Register now, seating is limited!

Southwest Grape & Grain is located at 2801-N Eubank NE, 87112

Brought to you by: Edible, Hubbell House Alliance, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service Bernalillo County, and Southwest Grape & Grain.


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